Tōei is a project born from the passion of two young Italian hairstylists, who emigrated to London ten years ago. In the English metropolis, the capital of world hairdressing, they were able to train and acquire the most advanced techniques in the field, working in the most avant-garde salons in the city such as Radio Hair Salon. It is with this enormous wealth of experience that they have now decided to return to Italy to put their skills to good use and give life to a new project: Tōei House.


The design chosen for the Tōei House aims to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere within a metropolitan environment. This result is made possible by the centrality of the green element that stands out among the dark metal, typical of an urban vision, through the use of wood and the placement of numerous plants. The latter are the real protagonists of the space and also occupy unusual positions, such as the ceiling, following the Suspended system designed by the Turin-based company Quadrilatero, giving the environment a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Plants, colored cables, unusual lamps, Takara Belmont armchairs, design pieces and a sequence of refined elements contribute to making the Tōei House a unique location, where personal care also passes through that for the spaces that surround us.


We have chosen Davines for our salon and for our customers because we want to offer beauty that is also sustainable, through the use of products that guarantee excellent results while respecting man and the environment.


Tōei is a Japanese term for "projection". This word was chosen because it represents the means by which our inspirations are expressed, in a context of continuous evolution and transformation through the use of projectors inside the House.

The city that best responds to the ambitions of the project is Turin: a metropolis in constant transformation in which the various sectors of culture intertwine and influence each other, in a state of continuous ferment in which our vision fits perfectly. The latter, in fact, involves the creation of a multifunctional space in which guests can experience a cultural and all-encompassing experience through a series of initiatives, such as: exhibitions, screenings, vernissages.

Ragazza con trattamento capelli

It is a point of view that overrides the traditional idea of ​​beauty salons, to arrive at a new concept that attributes a profound cultural value to the hairstyle. Hence the idea of ​​creating a multifunctional environment in which it is possible not only to take care of one's person, but also to immerse oneself in a large artistic scenario, taking care of oneself in its entirety.